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राजेश खन्ना की एक झलक पाने के लिए जहां बैठते थे फैंस, बंगला सील होने पर वहीं बैठना पड़ा काका को

Rajesh Khanna Stardom: Rajesh Khanna, who was called the first superstar of Bollywood, gave more than one hit films. There was a time when a crowd of thousands used to gather outside his bungalow ‘Aashirvaad’ to get a glimpse of Rajesh Khanna. Sharing the anecdote of the fan’s craze for Rajesh Khanna, Salim Khan told in one of his interviews that, ‘Even though thousands of people gather outside our house today to see my son Salman, but I have seen a more horrifying sight than this Rajesh Khanna. I have seen outside the bungalow, only Kaka’s fans were visible far and wide.

According to media reports, the bungalow of Rajesh Khanna was sealed by the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department had shown a liability of 1.5 crores on Rajesh Khanna. For not doing so, Kaka’s bungalow was sealed. After this Rajesh Khanna got addicted to alcohol. Director Ashok Tyagi, while sharing an anecdote, said that when his bungalow was sealed, Kaka had to sit outside his own bungalow.

Famous writer Yasir Usman has written in Rajesh Khanna’s biopic, ‘He does not forget the story of Ashok Tyogi, the director of Kaka’s last film ‘Riyasat’. He used to meet Rajesh Khanna at the Linking Road office. One evening after putting some pegs, Rajesh went for a drive with Ashok Tyagi in his car Maruti 800 and after going he stopped his car in front of Ashirwad. Then his bungalow was sealed. It was raining lightly.

Kaka told Ashok, the bench on which he is sitting at this time, thousands of people used to wait for him for hours at some point. Ashok listened to Kaka and said, don’t worry Kaka ji, after our picture comes, the same fans will come back again. Rajesh Khanna had a slight smile on his face after listening to Ashok.

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