Ac Temperature In Room What Temperature To Set Air Conditioner In Summer Harmful Effects Of AC


AC Temperatures Harmful: Humidity bothers the most during the rainy season. In such a situation, there is relief from sweating and stickiness only by sitting in the AC. Some people feel so hot that they prefer to sit or sleep right in front of the AC and also keep the temperature of the AC only 18-20. If you do this too, then be careful. Running the AC at very low temperature can take a toll on your health. This has a bad effect on your health. Let us know at which temperature the AC should be run and what are the disadvantages of running the AC at more or less.

Run AC only at 24-25 degrees
Experts say that you should run AC at 24-25 degrees. Keeping the AC running less than this adversely affects your health. There should be no extreme change in the temperature of the room or house from the temperature outside, be it winter or summer. ACs set at a temperature much lower than our body temperature cause the moisture to evaporate from the room. Which causes damage to the skin. In such a situation, less sweat comes out of the skin and more oil starts coming out. This can lead to acne, premature wrinkles and skin irritation. In extreme high temperatures, the pores of the skin can get clogged, which affects the function of the skin.

Disadvantages of running AC at low temperature

  • Running AC at high temperature affects the thermal regulation of the body.
  • Viruses and germs grow and spread quickly in cold and dry air.
  • Running too low AC can increase the problem of asthma and migraine.
  • People who live in more AC, they start looking old before time. Wrinkles start appearing on the skin of such people.
  • There are problems like hair fall, nasal congestion and dry throat.

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