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Afghan central bank Assets: US President Joe Biden on Friday signed an executive order declaring $7 billion in frozen assets from Afghanistan’s central bank to the war-torn country and the 9/11 terror attacks (9/11). Allowed to distribute humanitarian aid to the victims of terror attacks. The White House has given this information.

Funds kept in the US were frozen after the Taliban captured Kabul in August last year. Half the assets (3.5 billion USD) – will be given to provide relief inside Afghanistan.

What did the White House say?
The remaining USD 3.5 billion will remain in the United States and will be used to fund ongoing trials by American victims of terrorism, a White House release said.

Several family members of those killed in the 9/11 terror attacks have sued the Taliban and al-Qaeda for their role in planning and executing the terrorist attack. About 3,000 people were killed in this attack.

“The executive order is designed as a way for money to reach the people of Afghanistan, while keeping the Taliban and the wrong hands away,” the White House release said. There are sanctions against the Taliban and the Haqqani network in the United States.”

Afghanistan has so much money
Afghanistan has reserves of over US$10 billion, of which the United States alone has reserves of over US$7 billion. The remaining funds are largely with countries like Germany, United Arab Emirates and Switzerland.

“While this order will help preserve a substantial portion of Afghanistan’s stockpile for the benefit of Afghans, we understand that there is no easy solution to Afghanistan’s economic challenges, which are forced upon the country by the Taliban,” the release said. The occupation has increased further.”

The Taliban have repeatedly called on the US to release the funds, saying it is needed to boost the war-ravaged country’s economy. According to the United Nations, around 23 million people (more than half the population) in Afghanistan are facing extreme levels of hunger amid the bitter cold.

America considers Taliban a terrorist organization
The US does not recognize the Taliban as the legitimate government in Afghanistan and has designated the organization as a “terrorist organisation”. Friday’s executive order comes as the US government is facing a court deadline to state its position on pending efforts to seize Afghan funds by 9/11 families.

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