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Coway air purifier On Amazon : Air purifier is an essential home appliance for the home and especially in North India, the level of pollution is very high, so to avoid pollution, definitely buy a good purifier. If you also want to buy the best 5 layer filter air purifier for home this time, then do not miss the offer running on Amazon. Bumper discount has come on the best selling Coway air purifier in the sale. This air purifier is best selling on Amazon and is getting maximum discounts. It has 5 layer filter technology so that your home will be pollution free.

Amazon Great Indian Festival Deals And Offers

1-Coway Professional Air-Purifier, Special Green Anti-Virus True HEPAFilter

Its price is Rs 34,900. It is currently on sale with a flat 63% discount. In the offer, you can buy this air purifier for just Rs 12,990. There is also an instant cashback of up to Rs 1,500 on this air purifier on SBI card payment and EMI. This is the best selling air purifier on Amazon with around 5000 reviews and 4.5 stars rating.

What is special about this air purifier?

  • It is of very good quality with optimized airflow. It has pre-filters to prevent PM10 particles. It is also capable of cleaning air borne viruses.
  • Carbon filters are fitted to remove air scum and VOCs. Along with this, Anti-Virus Green HEPA Filter is fitted to prevent PM2.5 particles and also has a filter to eliminate the virus.
  • This air purifier is fitted with best quality Green HEPA Filters which clean the air up to 99.97% and at the same time spread less pollution in the environment.
  • This compact sized air purifier is perfect for any room in the house. It also comes with sleep mode, automatic on off and child lock feature.
  • Its filters last the most and they have a life of 8500 hours i.e. these filters can last for 1 year if they run for 24 hours non stop.
  • This purifier auto-modes according to the air quality. It also has an indicator for filter cleaning and replacement.

Buy Coway Professional Air-Purifier, Special Green Anti-Virus True HEPA Filter

2-Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home, Longest Filter Life 8500 Hrs, Green True HEPA Filter, Traps 99.99% Virus & PM 0.1 Particles, Warranty 7 Years (AirMega 200 (AP-1018F)) h

There are 2 more options in Coway air purifiers with 50% discount on this purifier. The price of this purifier is Rs 39,900 but it is available in the deal for Rs 19,900. Also, Coway air purifier filters are also available at a discount on Amazon.

Amazon Deal On Coway Professional Air Purifier for Home, Longest Filter Life 8500 Hrs, Green True HEPA Filter, Traps 99.99% Virus & PM 0.1 Particles, Warranty 7 Years (AirMega 200 (AP-1018F))

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