Animal Experts Concerned About Variations Of Lumpy Skin Disease Like Covid19


Lumpy Skin Disease: The Kovid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc not only on the country but also on the world. After the vaccination campaign of the central government of India, the immune system of the people also became very strong. Kovid has become weak in front of the strong system of the body. For a long time, this polymorphic virus had kept people’s sleep chains blown away. Now a new virus is wreaking havoc on animals. We are talking about Lumpy Skin Disease, about which great concern has been faced. Now there is a possibility of changing the variant of Lumpy virus.

If the variant is changed, the effect of the vaccine will be less.
The Rajasthan government has expressed the possibility of changing the variants of this virus. Scientists are also constantly researching this problem. Actually, medicine or vaccine is prescribed to protect against any virus. If the virus variant changes, then first the effect of the prescribed medicine starts decreasing. The virus variant only changes so that it can remain in a biological body for a long time. Earlier, if an animal has come under the grip of lumpi, then after changing the variant, the virus can be caught again.

If Lumpi changes the variant, then the vaccination campaign being run at present may get affected. In this case, veterinarians say that the lumpy virus is extremely dangerous for animals, but the change of its variants can be even more worrying, so the veterinarians have to keep a constant watch on the symptoms.

Things got worse in 4 states
Although Lumpi has caught the animals of most states, but the condition of animals in Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh is very serious. Here the number of animals suffering from lumpy skin disease is very high. For its prevention, a campaign for free vaccination and drug distribution is being run from the state government level. Village-village camps are also being organized to increase awareness about this.

500 animal ambulances being bought in Rajasthan
The Rajasthan government is now more serious about the Lumpy virus. New Veterinary Centers are being opened here for the care of animals. Veterinary doctors and other staff have also been recruited. 200 Veterinarians are being recruited on urgent temporary basis and 300 Livestock Assistants. Not only this, now the state government is also going to buy more than 500 animal ambulances, for which permission is expected from the MLA fund soon. As soon as its permission is obtained, the process of buying and selling of Animal Ambulance will be started.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on certain media reports and information only. Before putting any information into practice, consult the concerned expert.

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