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Weight Loss Drink: If you are planning to lose weight, then first of all reduce drinking tea made from milk. Milk tea does the most damage. Especially those who want to be thin. They should not drink milk tea at all. You should start the day with some healthy drinks. You can drink bay leaf tea instead of milk tea. This will help a lot in weight loss. Tea made from bay leaves provides many benefits to the body. Bay Leaf, full of taste and health, will be found in everyone’s kitchen. Bay leaves are used in many vegetables and dishes. You can make tea from it and drink it, which will help in weight loss.

Nutrients in Bay Leaf
Experts believe that bay leaves are rich in nutrients. It contains anti-oxidants, calcium, selenium, iron, copper and potassium. In such a situation, if you drink bay leaf tea every morning, then it gives many health benefits. With this you can also control your increased weight fast. Know how to make bay leaf tea?

how to make bay leaf tea
To make tea from bay leaves, you need 3 bay leaves. For this, a pinch of cinnamon powder, 2 cups of water, lemon and honey are needed. For this, first wash the leaves and keep water in a vessel to boil. Now add bay leaves and cinnamon powder to it. Cook it for about 10 minutes. Switch off the gas and filter the tea. Now add honey and lemon according to taste. Your bay leaf tea is ready.

bay leaf is helpful in weight loss
1- Your metabolism is boosted by bay leaf tea.
2- Due to this, whatever extra fat is there in the body, it gets burnt.
3- This tea is also rich in protein and fiber.
4- Cinnamon lying in tea helps in detoxifying the body.
5- Drinking this tea also reduces the stress level and also helps in weight loss.

bay leaf benefits

1- Bay leaves contain vitamin-C, which strengthens the immune system.
2- It has anti-bacterial properties which helps in getting away from infection.
3- Bay leaf tea contains potassium, anti-oxidants and iron, which keeps blood pressure under control.
4- Bay leaf helps in fighting heart diseases.
5- Bay leaf also helps in controlling blood sugar level. It contains phytochemicals which benefit the diabetic patient.

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