Bhind Collector Lost His Temper During Removal Of Encroachment In Mp ANN | Bhind: DM of Bhind, who arrived with the police force to remove the encroachment, lost his temper, spoke to the traders



Removal Of Encroachment In Bhind: There is no one else but Bhind Collector Satish Kumar who has repeatedly told the traders to shoot. In fact, Collector Satish Kumar had reached the main Sadar Bazar of the city on Sunday with a heavy police force to remove the encroachment.

Some members of the municipality staff were also included in the convoy of the collector. But it is alleged that during the removal of encroachment, the traders got angry due to the coercion of the police. On seeing this, a crowd of traders gathered, seeing that Collector Satish Kumar lost his cool and started telling the traders that shoot me – shoot me.

There was chaos in the market
Hearing this, there was an atmosphere of panic in the entire market. Many traders tried to remove their tinsheds themselves, but they were not given time and sabotage was started through JCB machine. The matter did not end there. There was also a protest among the traders that only tinsheds were demolished in the name of encroachment, while many people had made permanent encroachments which were left without action.

Opposing such a double action, an agitated businessman threw a stone at the JCB machine, which the driver felt, after which the police got an exemption. In front of the SP, the police personnel dragged the traders out of the houses and forcibly closed the shops of the shops.

Former MP sitting on dharna with traders
Lathi sticks were used by the police. After such chaos, Section 144 was imposed in Sadar Bazar. Former MP Ramlakhan Singh Kushwaha, who reached the spot, also requested the collector to ask for time on behalf of the traders, but the collector also returned him, after which the former MP sat on a dharna with the traders. However, it did not appear to have any effect. The administration continued its action.

The traders’ union alleges that the administration has taken such action without prior notice which is unfair. In this way they have been harmed. Despite asking for time to talk and remove their encroachment, their tinsheds were broken without giving time. At the same time, the collector refused to say anything on this matter.

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