Bihar News People Looted Approx 300 Goats From Truck In Arwal Ann


Arwal, Looting of gold and silver and money is common, but in Bihar people looted about 300 goats. The case is of Arwal of Bihar. On Tuesday, a case of robbing a goat from a truck near Umairabad on NH-139 of the district came to light. The driver of the truck was going from Patna to Kolkata with a goat. During this, the villagers robbed the goats. Some on foot and some started running away with a goat on a bike. Its video is also going viral now.

It is said that the first truck was stopped to unload the big goat (boka) kept for breeding. As soon as the truck stopped, the villagers started unloading the goat kept for breeding, after which a crowd of villagers reached the spot and started unloading the goats continuously. Soon the crowd increased and many people ran away after looting the goat. In an instant the truck was empty.

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Police not aware of incident

It is not yet known how many goats were stolen from the truck. You will know only after counting. Although it is being said that people have looted around 300 goats. Even the police is not aware of this incident. When Sadar Police Station President Shambhu Paswan was asked in this matter, he denied any such thing.

The driver ran away with the car after the robbery

Here, amidst the looting, the driver somehow took the truck from there and ran towards Aurangabad. There was an atmosphere of chaos for hours near Umairabad regarding this incident. The road had become a jam. The police of Sadar police station came on the information of the incident, but by then the matter was over. Till now no one has lodged a written complaint in the police station regarding the incident.

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