Bijnor Mandeep Kaur From Uttar Pradesh Commits Suicide In New York Husband Detained By Local Police Ann


UP News: Mandeep Kaur, a woman living in Bijnor, committed suicide after being fed up with domestic violence in New York City of America and before that she had also made a video. Her husband is accused of assault and demanding dowry from the parents. Mandeep’s husband has been detained while Bijnor police have registered a case against mother-in-law and brother-in-law. All three are said to be absconding.

Mandeep had made a video before committing suicide

Mandeep was a resident of Taharpur in Bijnor. She was married to Ranjot Veer Singh alias Jodha, a resident of a neighboring village, in 2015. Mandeep Kaur’s family members allege that after a few months of marriage, Ranjot Veer Singh started beating his wife Mandeep. There used to be a quarrel between husband and wife about one or the other thing. After the birth of the daughter, Ranjot and Mandeep went to New York on tourist visa. There Ranjot first drove a taxi, then bought a truck and started transport. The husband used to torture Mandeep every day. Used to demand dowry. Tired of the harassment of her husband, on the morning of July 1, Mandeep, alone in the house, made a crying video from his mobile and posted it on social media. Shortly after the video went viral, he committed suicide by hanging himself from the fan. Mandeep and Ranjot have two daughters.

Was taunted for not having a son

Here, the police of Najibabad police station of Bijnor has registered a case against Ranjot’s father Mukhtiar Singh, mother Kuldeep Raj Kaur and brother Jasvir Singh and all three are currently absconding. Mandeep’s sister Kuldeep Kaur said, ‘He was good for some time after marriage but later his demand started increasing. After two and a half years she moved to New York. Then his younger daughter was one and a half years old. My sister’s husband started torturing her. We called their parents and asked them to explain. When she had two daughters, she was even told that she could not give birth to a boy. Sister alleges that he was demanding Rs 50 lakh. He had assaulted Mandeep, whose photo was sent to sister Kuldeep. It is being told that Mandeep’s father had lodged a complaint in America with the help of friends and both were separated but Mandeep made a compromise. Kuldeep says that slowly she started hiding things.

On the other hand, Bijnor’s SP City Doctor Praveen Ranjan Singh said that in the Mandeep Kaur female suicide case, a case has been registered against the mother-in-law and brother-in-law of the woman under serious sections. Husband Ranjot Singh Sidhu is in the custody of New York Police of America.


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