Bijnor News After The Strong Flow Of Ganga The Approach Road Of The State Bridge Corporation Collapsed ANN


Bijnor News: The Ganges is running in its spate after the heavy rain on the mountains. In such a situation, the approach road of the newly constructed State Bridge Corporation built at a cost of crores of rupees got submerged in the strong flow of Ganga, due to which the traffic of the bridge connecting Meerut to Hastinapur Bijnor was completely disrupted. In this whole matter, the elderly Kalu Tikait has sat on a fast near the bridge for 100 hours on many demands.

What is the whole matter?
The bridge connecting Meerut-Hastinapur to Bijnor, which was prepared by the Uttar Pradesh Rajya Setu Nigam Limited in the year 2020, was completely stopped due to the approach road of the bridge being washed away in the strong current of the Ganges around 11 am on 30 July. has given. At the same time, the people of the area clearly say that the officials who built the bridge have put substandard material during the construction of the bridge, due to which the approach of the bridge got washed away in the water only after two years. More than 50 villages have been affected after the bridge approach was destroyed.

Along with this, there is a lot of difficulty in reaching the fodder and food items for the animals from the forest to the village. Fifty meters approach road has merged in the Ganges due to the strong flow of the Ganges, four feet of water is flowing in the sugarcane cultivation of farmers around the bridge. At the same time, the people of the area say that a dam should be built near the Ganga bridge. Along with this, corrupt officers who put substandard material should be sacked.

Villagers sitting on fast for 100 hours for many demands
Ravindra Tikait alias Kalu Tikait, a villager who sat on a 100-hour fast, says that the Delhi bus had passed from here 10 minutes before the day when this accident happened, it collapsed soon after. Has gone. All are related to corruption, number 2 material is engaged in the construction work. We told the contractor that what would happen to it, he said that we have got the insurance done, which will continue to happen. People of about 50 villages have to come from here, we get floods every year, there should be some solution for this.

Every year our crops get damaged due to floods. The land mafia has surrounded thousands of bighas of land here, no one is ready to listen. We have fasted for 100 hours, it should be constructed immediately, the forest department’s land which is surrounded by people, illegal encroachments should be removed, cowshed should be built here and animal feed should be sown. Cases should be registered against these corrupt.

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