Bipasha Basu Open Up On Husband Karan Singh Grover Failed Marriages Bipasha Basu On Her Affair Before Marriage



Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Love Story: bollywood actress bipasha basuBipasha Basu) and Karan Singh Grover (Karan Singh Grover One of the loving and happy couples of the industry. Both are going to be married for 7 years, but even now both of them seem to be lavishing love on each other like a newly married couple. By the way, everyone knows about Karan that Bipasha is his third wife, before that Karan married Shraddha Nigma in 2008 but both got divorced within 10 months.

After that Karan married TV actress Jennifer Winget in the year 2012, but in two years i.e. in 2014, Jennifer and Karan also separated. On the other hand, Bipasha was also in the news for her affair and breakup with John Abraham in those days. After this, Karan and Bipasha met in the year 2015 and within a year i.e. in 2016, both of them got married which is still intact. Now recently, Bipasha has spoken openly about Karan’s failed marriages and his past.

In an interview to Pinkvilla, Bipasha said, ‘Having a failed marriage does not mean that the person is wrong, so it is not that he should be condemned. I explained to my parents that the kind of relationship I had was a long one and it was bigger than his (Karan) marriage. It was just that I had not signed on a piece of paper (marriage certificate). So how does this make me different from him (Karan)? Relationships don’t work, it’s unfortunate, but you’re always happy when you look back after a long time. It is always said that there is a reason behind things happening in your life, this is always true.

‘Dhanush and Aishwarya’s divorce was not shocking…they just took a long time to announce it’



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