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Air Buds in India: New types of air buds are coming in the market. Today we are going to tell you about some such Air Buds which have come with the latest technology and the most important thing is also economical. These Air Buds have been launched by Truk. These Air Buds have 20 preset EQ modes. It is also special for gaming lovers as it also has a dedicated gaming mode. Noise cancellation feature has also been given in it to keep its sound quality good.

The user can increase or decrease the voice or music according to his choice and mood, so that he can have a better experience of music. 40mAh battery has been given in these Airbuds. At the same time, their charging case comes with a 300mAh battery. The company claims that once charged, they can be run for 10 hours. At the same time, their total playback time with charging is up to 48 hours. The charging case comes with Type C charging support. Another special feature in these is that the mic has been given in both of its Airbuds, so it will be easy to talk during the call.

what are the features
It gets power from AI-equipped noise cancellation system. It has a highly accurate auto in air contact sensor, which instantly recognizes the fit status of the Airbuds in the ear when worn. When wearing Airbuds, it automatically allows music to be played. The music turns off as soon as you take off the Airbuds. It takes very less time, 55 milliseconds to transfer the data, which makes the game playing experience a great experience.

how much is the price
These airbuds have very little weight. Their design has also been made special. These airbuds are curved at an angle of 45 degrees, which makes them easy to fit in the ears. Talking about the price, the price of Airbuds is Rs 1599 and the price of Airbuds Plus is Rs 1699. In this range, you can also find air buds of many other brands including Boat, Noise, Bolt, Pietron.

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