Bullet Fired At Family Celebration Hits 3 Children: Delhi Police


Delhi Police said they are looking for the man who fired the gun

New Delhi:

Three children were injured in celebratory firing during a family event in Delhi. The police said they got a call at 7 pm from Seelampur seeking quick help and informing about a firing incident.

When a police team reached the area, they found that the event was being organized by a local resident, Qutubddin, to celebrate the birth of his child.

During the celebration, a guest identified as Aamir Hamza had fired a bullet, the police said.

It ricocheted from the floor and hit three children who were playing at the area. The three injured children are between 7 and 8 years old.

All three were taken to hospital, where the doctors said they are out of danger.

The police said they are looking for the man who pulled the trigger. He is on the run.


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