Chanakya Niti Wife Never Told Three Secret To Husband


Chanakya Niti: The relationship between husband and wife is based on love, trust and respect. Deficiency in these things brings rift in married life. Transparency between husband and wife is very important for a happy married life. To keep this relationship strong, then no secret should ever be hidden from each other, but according to Chanakya, there are some things that most of the wives never tell their husbands. Let us know which are the secrets that the wife does not tell the husband.

Wife hides 3 things from husband:

saving money

Wife is called Lakshmi of the house. Chanakya says that a sensible and virtuous wife always believes in saving. Keeping in mind the present and future, the wife keeps savings, in times of crisis, this savings is useful for the family and husband. According to Chanakya, the wives never give the correct information about the money they save to the husband, because on coming to know about this, the husband will spend these money at some point or the other.

secret of disease

Chanakya says that wives have another habit, they do not even mention their diseases to their husbands. Often hides the matter of her being unwell. This is because the wife does not want to give more stress to her husband. Even when asked by her husband, she becomes reluctant, due to this many times the disease of women increases which is harmful for them.

feeling of love

Chanakya says that sometimes due to nature, the wife is unable to express her love. She has many desires for romance but is hesitant to share it with her husband. At the same time, many times the wife does not agree with the decisions of her husband, but to avoid the situation of dispute, she supports the husband and suppresses her thoughts.

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Chanakya Niti: The happiness of these 3 things is only for a moment, if you get used to it, then happiness and peace is snatched away.

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