Chhattisgarh Villagers Protested By Cutting Trees In Kondagaon District ANN


Chhattisgarh News: Villagers in Chhattisgarh’s Kondagaon district have held a unique protest against illegal felling of forests. In fact, the villagers have sacrificed hundreds of trees in a unique demonstration to wake the forest department from sleep.

Villagers around Moolmula village of the district collectively felled trees in the forest with axes in their hands. Regarding the harvesting, the villagers said that when the people outside are harming the forest by illegally cutting trees and the forest department is sitting silent, then why not we should also cut the trees, so that the forest department is sleeping with its information. Wake up

After meeting, it was decided to cut the trees.
In fact, the villagers of Mulmula village have to say about the deforestation that there is continuous illegal felling of forests in their area. Two days ago, the entire villagers had sat down and decided that if illegal felling continues like this, then no one can stop the destruction of forests, so the villagers took this step by taking a meeting, the villagers say about the felling of trees. That when the news of the cutting of trees in the forest by us spreads, then the departmental staff will definitely come. That’s why the women and men of the village started cutting trees with axes in their hands.

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Although the forest department team reached the spot as soon as this information was received, but before that the villagers had sacrificed hundreds of trees. After that the villagers were stopped. At the same time, the villagers have demanded from the forest department officials that the forest department should plant saplings at the places where illegal felling has taken place and efforts should be made to stop the illegal logging, so that the forests of the area can be kept safe. .

There is a shortage of staff in the forest range, so illegal harvesting is happening
Forest range officer DS Mishra said that there is a shortage of staff in their range. Due to this, there is a problem in stopping illegal harvesting, but now the senior officers have also been made aware of this protest. Now the villagers will do as they want. At the same time, he said that plantation will be done in the places where trees have been cut. Here, this is the first case of such demonstration by the villagers in the entire Bastar division. Although the villagers also say that they have caused a lot of damage due to the felling of trees, but now they want that the plantation should be done by the department where the felling has taken place.

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