Condom Advertisement Above Women Seat In Delhi Metro Sparks Anger, DMRC Removed Posters


New Delhi: An advertisement on the women’s seat inside the Delhi Metro created a ruckus. After the matter caught fire, Metro finally had to decide to remove the advertisement. In fact, a photo of a condom advertisement on the women’s seat of Delhi Metro went viral on social media and people started giving different reactions to this photo.

Ruckus over condom advertisement in metro

You must have seen many types of advertisements inside Delhi Metro. It is common to put pictures of advertisements inside the metro, but if the advertisement is of condoms, then in a country like India, where people use it but shy away from talking openly, it is bound to be discussed. When people saw a condom advertisement on the women’s seat of Delhi Metro, they were surprised. They started talking about this in various ways. This condom advertisement has been installed not only in one metro but in more or less metro running on every route. These advertisements are causing embarrassment to the women passengers.

People gave mixed reaction to the advertisement

A passenger took a picture of a condom advertisement installed on the female seat inside the metro on the Yellow Line from HUDA City Center to Samaypur Badli on Wednesday afternoon and made it viral on social media. People targeted DMRC, calling this advertisement a cause of embarrassment for women. However, some people also gave positive response about these advertisements. One user wrote – How to be ashamed of this? There are always two ways to look at anything. At the same time, another user wrote that the advertisement is not bad, the viewer’s view is bad.

Ad removed after controversy

Seeing the growing controversy, DMRC said that no rule has been violated in this, yet we have removed these advertisements for the time being keeping in view the sentiments of the people.

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