Congress who will succeed Ashok Gehlot as Rajasthan CM if he’s elected party President


Image Source : PTI Congress leader Sachin Pilot (left) and Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot

Congress President’s election: As Rahul Gandhi reinforce the one man, and one post in the party in his press conference in Kochi, there is speculation which is around — who will succeed Ashok Gehlot as the chief minister of Rajasthan in case he becomes the president of the party.

Congress might have decided the presidential candidate but the CM-ship of Rajasthan still seems to be the bone of contention for the grand old party.

With Gehlot giving an indication of not retaining the CM-ship of the state, there is speculation around several names who could be the contender.

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan Sachin Pilot seems to be the front runner, but it’s not that easy for him as Ashok Gehlot has been resisting any decision to make him the CM of the state. Gehlot’s claim is that a rebel can’t be rewarded chief ministership.

Also, Sachin Pilot comes from Gurjar community and making a gurjar the CM will alienate jats, brahmins and meena in the state from Congress.

Jats have traditionally been voting for Congress, BJP is trying to woo jats, by making OP Dhankar the Vice President of the country.

Gurjar population is 5-6 per cent in the state, and making Sachin CM not only alienate Jats from Congress but will alienate Meena’s in the state.

However, Sachin’s supporters claim that he is a leader who is above caste and has proven his metal by making the party win precious election when he was the PCC chief of Congress Party.

His supporters also claim that he is popular amongst youth and making gurjar a CM will help Congress to revive in states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and western UP which has a sizeable gurjar population.

Apart from Sachin former union minister and Rajasthan assembly speaker CP Joshi, Rajsthan cabinet minister Shantilal Dhariwal and the present PCC chief Govind Singh Dotasra are also in the fray for the chief ministership of the state.

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