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Coronavirus: The threat of corona virus is increasing continuously in the country and the world. At the same time, the vaccine is considered to be a very effective weapon for the prevention of corona virus. Meanwhile, it has emerged that four months after receiving the third dose of mRNA vaccine like Pfizer-Biontech or Moderna, immunity against serious Kovid-19 disease starts decreasing. This has been claimed in a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to the study, similarly weakened immunity was observed during the wave of both delta and Omicron variants, how mRNA vaccine effectiveness eventually declines after the second dose. The study found that although protection did decline over time, the third dose is still highly effective in preventing serious illness with COVID-19.

Decreases effectiveness

Co-author Brian Dixon of Indiana University said mRNA vaccines, including the booster shot, are very effective, but their effectiveness declines over time. “Our findings suggest that additional doses may be necessary to maintain protection against COVID-19, particularly for high-risk populations,” he said. Overall, the study reported that individuals receiving the second and third doses of the mRNA vaccine did not receive emergency department/urgent care (ED/UC) visits or visits (symptoms that may not require hospitalization). Has more protection than hospitalization (serious illness).

Vaccine effectiveness was also lower overall during the Omicron period compared to the Delta period. The vaccine’s effectiveness against ED/UC attacks decreased from 97 percent within the first two months of receiving the booster to 89 percent during the delta-major period of four months or more. Vaccine effectiveness against ED/UC visits during the Omicron-dominant period was 87 percent during the first two months after the third dose, decreasing to 66 percent at four months after the third dose.

After the third dose, the protection against hospitalization associated with the delta variant decreased from 96 percent within two months to 76 percent after four months or longer. during the first two months omicron The vaccine’s effectiveness against variant-associated hospitalization was 91 percent, which dropped to 78 percent over four months.

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