Delhi Government Expend On Women Free Travel In Bus And Their Security | Delhi News: Know


Delhi Women Free Travel in Bus: Free Travel in Bus is given to women by the Delhi Government. So far more than 48.51 crore women have got the benefit of free travel in government buses. At the same time, Rs 484.15 crore has been spent by the Delhi government on the free travel of women.

how much did it cost
The facility of free travel for women in the bus was started by the Delhi government in October 2019. So far, more than 484 crores have been spent on this facility of women. However, when this scheme started, only 33 per cent women used to travel in buses. But now 40 percent women travel in buses. At the same time, in 2021, the number of women traveling in buses every month has increased to 20 lakh. In 2021, more than 25 crore women have taken advantage of this scheme. The most important thing is that during the lockdown there was a decrease in the total number of passengers, but even during that time there was no significant decrease in the number of female passengers.

what facilities
The Delhi government has taken several measures to ensure the safe travel of women in buses. The government has recruited female drivers. Whereas Bus Marshal has been deployed in DTC and cluster buses for security. For this, Rs 35 crore has been spent by the state government in 2021. At the same time, now the government has made 33 percent reservation for e-auto permits. That is, out of a total of 4216 e-auto permits, 1406 auto permits will be given to women. However, so far only 698 women have applied for it.

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