Delhi School Reopen: Nursery To Class 8 School Reopen In Delhi From 14 February, Focus Will On Children’s Mental And Emotional Health Ann



Delhi School Reopen: After the situation of Coronavirus in the country’s capital Delhi has improved, now the education system is slowly coming back on track. Classes from 9th to 12th have started in Delhi from 7th February, after which now classes from Nursery to VIII will also start from Monday i.e. 14th February. For this, preparations are being completed in the schools. Along with this, many instructions have been issued.

According to the information given by the Directorate of Education, Government of Delhi, instructions have been given to the school heads of classes from Nursery to VIII that after the opening of the school, children’s mental-emotional well-being through different activities for the next 2 weeks. But work should be done, because in the last two years, the closure of schools has affected the most young children. So for the first two weeks many important things will be taken care of.

Mindfulness and Happiness classes will be run

Mindfulness and happiness classes will be run to bring the most important children back from stress and fear and get back to studies. Mission Buniyaad activities will be used to identify learning gaps in basic reading and math skills in young children. Along with this, students will be given an opportunity to share their experiences about the circumstances that the children have gone through due to the closure of the school due to Corona. Opportunity to mingle with other students and the school will be given by creating an appropriate environment.

Revision of previous worksheet will be done in first 2 weeks

With the help of one-on-one interaction, teachers will work to emotionally connect with each and every child. Teachers will understand the learning needs of the children through one-on-one assessment. Along with this, instead of starting a new subject, revision of the previous worksheet will be done for the first 2 weeks. After a long time, after starting classes from nursery to class VIII, not in a hurry, a suitable environment will be created and gradually it will be linked to studies.

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