Delhi’s Peak Power Demand Hits Record High For June



Delhi’s power demand crossed the 6,000 MW-mark on every single day this June, officials said.(File)

New Delhi:

The peak power demand in the national capital rose to 7,334 MW on Wednesday afternoon, the highest ever in June, amid increased use of cooling appliances to beat the intense heat, discom officials said.

It is expected to hover around 8,200 MW in the coming days, they added.

“Before June 9, Delhi’s peak power demand had never crossed the 7,000 MW-mark during June. However, on May 19 this year, it clocked 7,070 MW. It has already crossed 7,000 MW six times in June this year and once in May, ” a power distribution company (discom) official said.

The power demand peaked to 7,334 MW at 3.35 pm on Wednesday.

Delhi’s power demand crossed the 6,000 MW-mark on every single day this June, the official said.

In 2021, it crossed the 6K mark on nine occasions through the month, five-times in 2020 and thrice in 2019.

Earlier in May, barring five occasions, Delhi’s peak power demand surpassed 6,000 MW every day. Delhi’s peak power demand in May had never crossed the 6,000 MW in 2021 and 2020. In 2019, it had crossed the 6,000 MW-mark only on three occasions – May 29 (6,020 MW), May 30 (6,240 MW) and May 31 ( 6,461 MW).

Cooling load is the main reason behind Delhi’s power load. In fact, according to estimates, almost around 50 per cent of Delhi’s power demand in summers is because of the cooling load (ACs coolers fans)

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