Dumka Nausad Sheikh Building Temple Of Krishna At Cost Of 40 Lakhs, Inaugurated On Valentine’s Day Jharkhand ANN



JharkhandIn Dumka, Jharkhand, a Muslim man is building a temple by spending 40 lakh rupees. Like in the Mahabharata period, the idol of Krishna, the charioteer of Partha Arjuna, and Hanuman, the protector, has been installed in a divine chariot in the temple. The work of the temple is in the final stage. It will have a grand opening on February 14. It is said that Naushad had gone to visit Mayapur in Bengal, where Lord Krishna said in a dream that where are you looking for me. I am there. Just after returning from Mayapur, this person started building a temple in Mahishabathan village of Raneshwar block. The temple, being built at a cost of about 40 lakhs, will be inaugurated on Valentine’s Day on 14th.

Naushad Sheikh had faith in Lord Krishna in his heart.

In fact, Naushad Shaikh, a resident of Hamidpur in Ranieshwar block, has developed faith in Lord Krishna and after returning from Mayapur, started building a Partha Sarathi temple in the area, although it is said that this Parthasarathi was worshiped before Naushad. It was started four decades ago by Qadir Sheikh, Abul Sheikh and Liaquat Sheikh, when due to some reason this worship of more than three hundred years old here was stopped. Naushad is the deputy chief of Ranieshwar. Equally they believe in all religions. The construction of this temple was started by him in 2019, when he went to Mayapur in connection with roaming, where he felt that the Lord is telling him that he himself is sitting in his area. Why did he come here, he reached there. Such a dream aroused the love of Krishna in Naushad’s heart and he felt that this noble work should be done because for a long time this worship was done under the open sky or by putting up a pandal-tarpaulin. In such a situation, he decided that he himself would get the temple built. He will also organize all the rituals from the construction of the temple. On February 14, this temple will be consecrated by performing a grand ritual. 108 women will take out the Kalash Yatra in yellow clothes. A group of 101 women will play Dhak. 51 priest Brahmins of 11 villages will complete this ritual with full Vedic chants. Naushad envisages that people can perform rituals like havan etc. in the temple premises itself. Kirtan shed is being built. A kitchen is being built for preparing Bhog-Prasad and a small room is also being prepared for the priest who conducts regular worship in the temple.

Naushad has faith in all religions

Naushad says that the religion of Islam says that you should serve the oppressed. Respect every religion. Similar things have been said in other religions as well. Like Naushad, many people here believe in equality of all religions and are worshipers of Shri Krishna. They believe that God is one. The forms are different. Who shows us the right path. They believe that the sooner we make Shri Krishna as Parth charioteer our charioteer, the sooner we will be able to become his today’s Parth. Today they are in need of infinite Parthas because Kauravas have become eternal. The messages of Bhagavad Gita introduce us to the reality of humanity and religion.

Maharaj of Hetampur estate had started this worship

Experts say that about 300 years ago, Puti Maharaj of Hetampur Estate had started Partha Sarathi Puja here. At that time, there used to be a court of Hetampur State in Mahishabathan, this place of Raniswar. Then it was known as Jungle Mahal. Partha Sarathi Fair used to be held in Bada Bagan of Siuri, the headquarters of Birbhum district. But the Raja of Hetampur State had started the Partha Sarathi fair here parallel to that fair. After the abolition of zamindari, the fair was closed here. Which was started by people like Qadir Sheikh. After his death, since 1990, Naushad himself has been playing a leading role in maintaining this tradition.

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