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Face Mask Can Alert About Covid Virus: Mask is necessary to avoid corona, but now scientist has created such a face mask that can detect cold cough or corona virus spread within 10 minutes. If there is a virus of any of these diseases in the air, then this mask can identify it through droplets or aerosol. This mask has been made and tested by Material Scientist Yin Fang and his colleagues at Shanghai Tongji University.

Mask will alert about virus in 10 minutes
There is a sensor in this mask which is attached to your phone. If you are roaming around with this mask and this virus is spread in the air, then this sensitive mask will give information about it within 10 minutes. This information will come on mobile.

How does the mask work?
Material scientist Yin Fang at Shanghai Tongji University has made this mask. After making this mask in Fang and his colleagues, it was tested in a closed chamber. During the test, he sprayed the trace liquid containing the viral surface protein into the chamber, after which the sensor responded. The good thing was that the mask with this sensor also alerted on a liquid containing very little 0.3 microliters viral protein, whereas if someone sneezes or talks or coughs then 70 to 560 more liquid comes out of his mouth and if that liquid If I have a virus, it will be detected even more easily.

In the past too, it has been revealed in many research that wearing a mask is very beneficial. The mask also protects us from viruses and pollution spread in the air. Wearing a mask does not spread corona, cold-cough or any kind of virus. Yin Fang Scientist has to say about this that he knew the benefits of masks, so if he wants to make a mask that can alert about the virus spreading in the air

Yin Fang says that when an infected person coughs, sneezes or talks, the virus spreads throughout the air through droplets and remains in the air for a long time, but with the help of this mask it can be detected. Will know whether there is virus in that person or in the air.

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