For Rhea Kapoor, This Dessert Is A “Hug Of Cream Silk And Strawberries”



When it comes to food choices, film producer and entrepreneur Rhea Kapoor has a taste of her own. With an eye for details, she doesn’t miss the opportunity to appreciate if something is prepared with a lot of love and care. She recently praised her friend and Chef Pooja Dhingra on her Instagram Stories. Why, you ask? Rhea Kapoor shared an image of a mouth-watering cake from Pooja’s patisserie and said it is like a “hug of cream silk and strawberries”.

“Pooja Dhingra. This strawberry cake is like a hug of cream silk and strawberries,” Rhea Kapoor wrote on the image. Take a look:

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If the filmmaker’s post made you miss the wonderful strawberry cakes, you can easily bake them at home. There are various types of strawberry cakes such as chocolate strawberry cake, strawberry shortcake and strawberry amaranth cupcakes,

Let’s come back to Rhea Kapoor and her delectable tastes in food and drinks. Not just for herself, the foodie also organizes feasts for her friends.

For Christmas, she planned a get-together for family and friends at her place and offered a sneak-peek into the menu, spread diligently on a table. There were chicken pieces drizzled in spicy sauce, next to a bowl of red-sauce pasta with basil leaves sprinkled on top, spicy curries and crunchy snacks.

Later, in January this year, she shared another Instagram update that featured an indulgent solution for a gloomy day — a cup of hot chocolate and hand-made biscuits by Pooja Dhingra. “”Hot chocolate and poojie made boss biscuits are the solution to a rainy day,” Rhea had said back then.



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