Germany Vice Chancellor Germany Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck Warned About Europe On The Verge Of War In Europe



Europe on Verge of War: Germany’s Vice Chancellor and Economics Minister Robert Hebeck has indicated war in Europe. He has pointed out one thing in an interview on Sunday. He said that Europe may be on the verge of war. Speaking in an interview with a news channel RTL/NTV, Habek, without elaborating, clearly pointed to the larger armed forces facing each other.

According to Germany’s Vice Chancellor Robert Hebeck, Europe could be on the verge of war in the future due to the large armed forces in Europe. They say that we may be on the verge of war in Europe. He said that it is absolutely repressive and threatening.

Germany’s Vice Chancellor Robert Hebeck’s statement comes amid rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Germany’s Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, is seen trying to de-escalate tensions between Russia and Ukraine. In fact, Olaf Scholz is going to visit both countries next week as part of efforts to reduce tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

Scholz is currently making the trip at a time when Western intelligence officials have warned of a Russian attack on Ukraine and Germany has asked its citizens to leave Ukraine. It is being told that Scholz will travel to Kiev on Monday to meet the President of Ukraine and Moscow on Tuesday to meet the President of Russia. Before leaving for the visit, he was again alerted to the possibility of a Russian attack and variously called for the continuation of diplomatic efforts.

At the same time, rising tension between Russia and Ukraine has put some airlines on alert mode amid fears of war. Since then, some airlines have either canceled their flights to Ukraine, or they have diverted their routes due to the fear of war.

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