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Ghazipur News: One such tehsil of the country which had become independent before 15th August 1947, 8 people had given their martyrdom for this freedom. These people had given their martyrdom on 18th August 1942 itself by waving the tricolor on the tehsil and liberated it. On 18 August 1942, on the call of Mahatma Gandhi’s Quit India Movement in Mohammadabad Tehsil of Ghazipur, 8 brave martyrs freed the tricolor 5 years before Indian Independence Day and hoisted the tricolor. On August 11, 1942, when Gandhiji called, the enthusiastic youth of Sherpur village also dreamed of independence and joined Gandhi’s movement.

At that time the British Tehsildar stopped them but the freedom lovers who wanted to liberate Mother Bharati, kept on moving forward without caring for them. The British started firing on them. The martyrs kept moving forward one by one and falling from the bullets. Stayed but did not let the tricolor fall and in the end the sacrifice of 8 martyrs showed color and by evening the tricolor was hoisted at the Tehsil headquarters.

These people are among the 8 martyrs
These 8 martyrs included Shivpujan Rai, Shrisheshwar Rai, Vanshnarayan Rai son Lalita Rai, Vashistha Narayan Rai, Vanshnarayan Rai son Raghupati Rai, Narayan Rai, Rajdayal Rai, Rambadan Upadhyay. Out of these 8 martyrs, till date only 2 pictures of Shaheed Shivpujan Rai and Vanshnarayan Rai have been available, whose statue is installed in Shaheed Park. Due to non-availability of photographs of the remaining 6 people, only the names of these martyrs could be known. Whose regret is still in the mind of the people.

Among these martyrs, a martyr, who is known by the name of Jinda Shaheed, was Sitaram Rai and at that time the British had thrown him into the Bess river considering him to be dead but he was breathing and he was alive and for many days 18 Have also been involved in the program of August. 5 years before independence, this martyr’s place where Tehsil used to run even in independent India. The martyr family and others told the story of the said tehsil and the sacrifice of eight martyrs, so immediately they told the Chief Minister to declare it as Shaheed Bhawan and move the tehsil elsewhere.

Now Shaheed Bhavan is crying tears of misery
In 1992, the then Governor Motilal Bora inaugurated this Shaheed Bhawan, but today this Shaheed Bhawan of eight martyrs is shedding tears on the plight. All the governments have come and gone, but did not do anything in the name of the martyrs and whatever they did, the construction agencies did a scam of lakhs by beautifying it on paper. This Shaheed Park is maintained through the committee. There is a demand of the people that if it was looked after by the municipality, then its cleanliness and other arrangements would have been fine. But at present, due to lack of budget, the ground tiles of the statue made of the martyrs have also been broken and some stones of the martyr pillar have also been uprooted. The members of the Shaheed Memorial Committee have arranged a library for the students of rural areas in two rooms of the Shaheed Park. In which students come from the village every day and prepare for their studies and competitions through the library here.

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