Golgappa Pani History And Side Effects In Hindi


Golgappa Pani History: Hearing the name of Golgappa makes people’s mouth water. Especially the sour-sweet taste of its water settles on everyone’s yoke, but these days due to increasing dirtiness and not following the right process of making, the consumption of golgappa is considered unhealthy for health. If you are also fond of eating Golgappa, then definitely know its history. Initially, golgappa water has been used to enhance the taste, but gradually if a lot of changes are made in its taste and way of eating, then it proves to be unhealthy for health. Let’s know what is the history of Golgappa-

What is the history of Golgappa

According to media reports, the water of Golgappa is being drunk since Shahjahan’s time. Actually, during the reign of Shah Jahan, cholera has spread in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Many people lost their lives due to cholera. This is a disease that spreads due to drinking dirty water. In such a situation, Shah Jahan had ordered to take special care of cleanliness. Along with this, all the people were advised to boil water and drink it.

People used to find the taste of boiled water quite useless. In such a situation, a little spice was added to enhance the taste of the water, which had a sweet and sour taste. So that the water can be drinkable. It is said that from here the treatment of Panipuri has taken place.

Talking about health, if you drink water after adding various spices, then it can eliminate the infection and bacteria present in the body. Especially the mixture of asafoetida and coriander in water is very good for digestion. Similarly, drinking water from Golgappa started. Gradually its drinking methods and style changed. Now people drink it by filling it in golgappas.

calories in golgappa

In one plate of golgappa, you get about 6 golgappas, whose calories are about 216. In such a situation, if you eat 1 to 2 plates of golgappa with a normal diet, then extra calories can be stored in your body.

damage caused by golgappa

Consuming golgappa can lead to high blood pressure. Actually, the amount of salt in golgappa water is very high, which can increase blood pressure. Therefore, consume it in limited quantity only. Apart from this, consuming golgappa can also cause some disadvantages, such as-

  • vomiting, diarrhea, jaundice
  • dehydration
  • diarrhea
  • ulcer
  • digestive problems
  • stomach ache
  • Intestinal inflammation

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