Google Employees Gave Alphabet Inc Petition To Change Abortion Policy


Abortion Policy: More than 650 employees of Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. have submitted a petition. In this, he has demanded a change in the abortion policy. However, Google declined to comment on the petition. In this petition, many demands were made like giving abortion benefits to contractors, suspension of donations of anti-abortion politicians.

The petition reflects concerns being raised across the United States since a Supreme Court ruling in June. In this, a demand has also been made to protect users from misinformation and police requests related to abortion. It has also been said that people should also get money to travel to other states for abortion.

Contractors should also get abortion benefits

Many companies, including Google, have established policies to help employees seeking abortions. Alphabet workers said that temporary workers and contractors should also get this benefit. He said in his demand that the contractors should also get money to travel to those states where the procedure for abortion is legal.

Many workers live in abortion-prohibited states

Alejandra Beatty, technical program manager for Alphabet healthcare subsidiary Verily and co-head of the petition, said thousands of workers live in states that ban abortions. In such a situation, they should also get benefits. Furthermore, the petition states that Alphabet should not direct political contributions to groups and candidates campaigning to restrict access to abortion.

The petition also said that Google should remove search results for Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which try to prevent people from having abortions.

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