Google Messaging Service Is Shutting Down Forever, Know The Reason For Discontinuing It



GoogleTalks Shutting Down: When Google launched GoogleTalks in 2005, it was in direct competition with Skype and MSN. The company introduced voice and video call feature in it, which was initially designed for instant conversation between Gmail contacts. Now Google has announced the closure of its instant messaging service Google Talk Hangouts. This service is being completely stopped from 16 June 2022.

Advice given in 2017

This service remained popular for a few days, but after that the company advised people to shift to Google Hangouts in 2017. The company said in a blogpost, “We are discontinuing Google Talk. On June 16, 2022, we will end our support for third party apps, including Pidgin and Gazim, as we announced in 2017.”

It has been reported by Android Police report that this service was launched in 2005. Then GTalk stalled for a long time, people almost stopped using it. Then a few years ago in 2017, users were asked to shift to Google Hangouts, but after all this it was reported that this GTalk was being accessed through third-party apps on services like Pidgim and Gajim, then Now Google has decided to completely stop this service from 16 June 2022.

Google has announced that it is completely shutting down Google Talk and it will no longer support third party apps. After June 16, anyone who tries to sign in to this service will see an error.

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