Gurugram News Shrishti Pandey Alleges To Have Been Denied Entry Into Raasta Gurgaon In Cyber ​​Hub


Gurugram News: A differently abled woman has claimed that a restaurant refused her entry in Gurugram, Haryana. According to the girl, the restaurant said that ‘she would harass other customers.’ Srishti Pandey made this claim on her Twitter account.

Srishti Pandey said- “I decided to go out with my friend and his family. We went to Raasta Gurgaon located in Cyber ​​Hub and asked for a table for 4 people. The manager asked us twice. Ignored it. Then later said that the wheelchair will not go in, because it will cause trouble to other customers.”

There was no apprehension of such attitude – Srishti Pandey
She said- “I was shocked at this answer but. I didn’t say a word after that. We didn’t expect this kind of attitude from such a fancy place.” The girl said- “This is not the first time. I have been stopped at many places including educational institutions. And now I have been stopped in restaurants as well. It seems as if no one wants me to live anywhere.”

Srishti Pandey has also tweeted the entire incident on her Twitter account. He wrote- “My friend’s elder brother asked to book a table for four people. The staff at the desk ignored him twice.”

Staff said- “customers inside will be upset”
According to the girl, “The third time they asked, the staff replied that the wheelchair would not go in. We thought that there might be a problem going inside, so we said that we will manage, you just book a table but this is the case.” No. I was surprised after what the staff said. The staff pointed to me and said that “the customers inside will be upset.”

Srishti Pandey wrote on Twitter- “After much debate he asked us to get a table outside. Now sitting outside was useless. It was getting cold and I can’t sit outside for long because my body gets cramps . Why should I be made to sit outside though? Different from everyone else? If we needed a place to sit outside, we would have asked… eventually we were told to leave…”

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