Hathras News The Condition Of Primary School Is Poor Children Are Helpless To Bear The Heat ANN


Hathras News: The condition of the primary school of Patua village of Tehsil Sasni in Hathras district of UP is bad. The children studying in it are helpless to bear the heat. There is a fan in the school which never worked. There is a tank for water in the school, pipe is also installed but water does not come in them. The toilet also has electricity and water fittings, but of no use.

What is the whole matter?
Actually, this school has electrical fittings but there is no electricity connection. That’s why it’s all useless. The mid day meal for school children comes through NGOs. The students studying in the school have told that sometimes insects come out in the food, sometimes stubbles of beedi are found, and sometimes mites come out. A menu chart has been prepared by the Uttar Pradesh government for all the students, which includes fruits, milk, which children are not getting in this session.

action will be taken as soon as possible
Anganwadi center is also run in this school. The principal and Anganwadi workers of the school also admit that there is no electricity connection in the school despite having electrical fittings and equipment. The principal says that the children have not got milk and fruits in the mid-day meal in this season. At the same time, in this matter, BSA Sandeep Kumar says that we have taken out the list of all such schools, we are taking action on them as soon as possible.

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