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Breakfast Food Ideas: Breakfast is very important for everyone whether children or old people. This is because breakfast creates a balance of energy in the body which works throughout the day. Breakfast corrects the metabolism in the body and boosts energy. Apart from this, breakfast also acts as a brain booster and improves the functioning of the brain. But when we talk about the elders of our house, then we should give breakfast according to their age and need. In such a situation, we should choose anti-aging foods for the elders of our house.

That is, we should choose such foods which keep the body fit along with keeping the mind healthy. Let us tell you about some such foods that the elderly should include in their breakfast.

papaya smoothie With increasing age, it is important that you consume those things that speed up the metabolism or remove problems like constipation. Papaya is one such fruit. Papaya contains Mitamine A, which keeps the health of the eyes right with increasing age. Second, with age, our digestion process slows down, due to which we have difficulty in digesting food. In such a situation, drinking papaya smoothie in breakfast keeps the stomach right.

Oats or porridge- As we age, we should also take special care of our heart health. In such a situation, oats and ragi porridge are very beneficial. Oats porridge or ragi porridge controls cholesterol in the body. Both ragi and oats are rich in soluble fiber which helps in getting rid of bad cholesterol.

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