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Health Tips in Hindi: It is common to wrap a towel over the body after bathing. You must have seen many people doing this. However, doing so can also lead to some disadvantages. Actually, wrapping a towel on the body after bathing can prove to be harmful to your health to a great extent, because during this time a lot of dangerous bacteria are present in the towel.

A research has revealed that the bacteria found in towels can give rise to many types of diseases in your body. This puts you at risk of food poisoning and diarrhea. So you need to be careful.

keeps moisture

Actually, after wiping your body after taking a bath, the towel becomes wet. After this, moisture can remain in the towel for a long time. In which bacteria can grow and if you use that towel then it will enter your body. Due to which the risk of spreading the disease will remain.

Experts believe that after bathing, instead of wrapping the towel on the body, dry it in the sun so that the bacteria present in it die. Apart from this, do not use someone else’s towel. Due to this, the chances of the disease of the other person coming to you are more. So you can keep yourself safe by paying attention to all these things.

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