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Yoga Tips: We all fall ill in the changing seasons. Be it cough and cold or indigestion. When we are not sick, we are told to eat healthy food and exercise a lot. But even when we get sick, we should exercise. However, yoga and exercise should be a part of our life to maintain good health. But when we are sick we are not asked to exercise.

This is because we are weak when we are sick, so the question in the mind of most people is whether we should do yoga during illness or leave it. On the other hand, yoga helps us to heal our body from within. At such times, other types of exercise can make us more tired, but yoga makes you feel healthy and light. In such a situation, you do not need to worry much because here we will tell you whether you should do yoga in illness or not.

If you have common cold and cough, fever then do this yoga-

  • Kapalbhati –Sit in any comfortable position. After this, exhale forcefully so that the stomach goes inwards.
  • Surya NamaskarDo 11 cycles and a cycle has 24 steps.

If there is diarrhea, vomiting or any disease then do this yoga-

Anulom Antonym- Close your right nostril. Now breathe in through the left nostril, then close your left nostril and then exhale through your right nostril. Repeat the same procedure. On the other hand, if you feel weak then you can practice them on your bed also.

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