How Can You Claim If You Have More Than One Health Insurance Keep These Things In Mind


Mediclaim Policy Rules: In view of the ever-increasing infection of the Kovid Pandemic in the country, people have got more than one health insurance policy. Every second-third man is afraid that if something happens to him then how will the family survive after that? Who will help them? For this reason people are turning to Multiple Health Insurance Policies. In this inflation, one can be saved from financial loss to oneself and loved ones by the problems arising out of health problems and expensive treatment.

Health Insurance Claim

It is easy to take a medical claim in multiple health insurance coverage. You can get more benefits by filing more than one claim. You have to do this work.

  • A discharge summary has to be taken from the insurer for claim settlement and then it has to be submitted to another insurer along with an attested copy of the hospital bill.
  • In the reimbursement of the claim, the insured will have to pay the bill himself, which will be reimbursed by the other insurance company later within a stipulated time. If that hospital is in the network of both the insurance companies, then cashless can be approved from both the insurers on the request of the claimant.

understand cashless

Many salaried employees have at least two health insurance policies. One for the employer and the other for his personal health insurance cover. In such cases, or who has taken 2 policies on his own, he can get admitted to any network cashless hospital and file a claim with any insurance company.

reimbursement for hospitals

In case of non-network hospitalization for one of the health insurance policies, the insured has to pay all the bills directly to the hospital. Then under the claim process, a claim form has to be submitted along with attested copies of all documents including Lab Reports, X-ray Film and Slides, Bills, Receipts and Discharge Summary received from the hospital.

how to claim

Hospitalization for any surgery or disease is followed by treatment or post-hospitalization therapy. This is an additional cost to you. Post-discharge expenses which include Medications, Follow-up Consultation Visits and Diagnostic Tests are covered for 60 days from the date of discharge. However, it does not cover some treatments like physiotherapy or acupuncture.

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