How To Secure Home And Office Wifi Check Here 4 Tips In Details



Wi-Fi Security: It is now common to have Wi-Fi at home and office, but you get WiFi installed at your home, but you should also know how to use it safely. So that no one else can use it without your permission. Today we are going to tell you such tips which will prove to be very helpful for you.

Setting up a Long And Complex WPA2 Password

WPA2 is an encryption protocol and stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access. WPA2 is newer and more secure than the older protocols like WPA, WEP etc. As a user, you just need to setup WPA2 security on the Wi-Fi router and secure it with a strong password. Needless to say, create some big and complex passwords that you can remember and cannot guess.

Changing the Router’s Login Information

Most Wi-Fi routers come with two IP addresses: or and can be accessed from any browser. Most router manufacturers use words like ‘root’ and ‘admin’ as login and password and once you login, you have access to the settings of the router. Since login is so easy, given that the password is so simple, anyone can get into your router settings. To prevent this, change the router’s login details to something other than ‘admin’.

Hiding The SSID of The Router

A more efficient way to secure the network is to hide the router’s SSID. This ensures that it doesn’t show up as the only connectable network. You have to enter the address manually.

Using Internet Monitoring Software

There is some software like AirSnare that you can use that will alert you when an unknown device is detected on your network.

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