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UPSC Tricky Questions: Lakhs of candidates prepare for the UPSC exam held every year, but only a few candidates get success in this exam. Many candidates clear till Pre & Mains Exam. But they feel disappointed in the interview, in such a situation it becomes important to know what kind of questions are asked in the interview.

Questions asked in UPSC interview:

1.Question: What is a message called in Hindi?
Answer: Information or message.

2.Question: Who was the first woman IAS of India?
Answer: Anna Rajam Malhotra.

3.Question: What is bus called in Hindi?
Answer: Motorcar.

4.Question: How will we divide the country into 10 states?
Answer: States can be divided according to the place. 10 states can be made by merging plains, Himalayan states, North East states.

5.Question: Which is the longest grass in the world?
Answer: Bamboo.

6.Question: Who had put the second step on the Moon?
Answer: Neil Armstrong.

7.Question: What is Politics?
Answer: The groups that are formed to lead people are called politics. But now it has become a competition.

8.Question: Which tree cannot be climbed?
Answer: Banana tree.

9.Question: Which is the fruit which is the largest fruit on any tree?
Answer: Jackfruit.

10.Question: Why does the color of a cut apple change?
Answer: There is a scientific process behind this. Catechin, polyphenol and caffeine are found in apples. When the apple is cut, the phenolic acid present in it is exposed to air.

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