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iPhone Secret Feature: The iPhone is famous among the people due to its safety and unique features. Many of its unique features are not even known to most of its users. Today we are going to tell you about one such feature. You will be surprised to hear that this phone has such a feature that it recognizes the song playing around you and gives you all the information related to it. Let us know how this feature works.

here is the trick

To take advantage of this feature, you must first download an app. The name of this app is Shazam App. You can download this app from Apple’s App Store. After this, suppose a song is playing around you, which you like very much, but you do not know anything about it. You are trying to gather details to keep this song with you in future, but you are not successful due to lack of any information. This app eliminates this problem. If you like a song that is playing and you want to know what it is, then immediately open this app. Now this app itself will give you every information related to the song in a while. Like which song is it, who has sung it, which film is it, when was it released.

how to use this app

It is very easy to operate this app. Even after this, if you are facing any problem then follow these steps.

  • First of all go to your iPhone’s Settings.
  • After this you have to go to the Control Center.
  • Here add music recognition, which you will see at the bottom.
  • Now you have to swipe from top to bottom in Control Center.
  • Now click on the Shazam App shown here.
  • Now whenever you open the app, it will identify the songs playing around and give you all the details.

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