Iran Hijab Row Protest From France To Turkey And India Controversy And International Law Hijab Explained


Hijab Row: For the past few days, the spark about the hijab in Iran has been continuously smoldering. Demonstrations are going on across the country after the death of a girl who was detained in police custody for wearing a hijab. Women are throwing off their hijab and raising their voice against hijab by cutting hair with scissors. Women in Iran are demanding that the hijab should not be made compulsory, because of this why they have to give their lives. Although the controversy over the hijab is not new, there has been controversy in many countries around the world. In which India is also included.

Different types of debates erupt in different countries every time on the hijab. Usually everywhere there is a dispute on whether there should be freedom to wear the hijab or not… or in some countries there is a debate about whether the hijab should be allowed to be worn on its own, that is, it should not be mandatory.

Protest against Hijab in Iran
Now first of all let’s talk about the latest controversy happening in Iran. Mahsa Amini, 22, was taken into custody in Iran simply because she did not cover her head, that is, she was not wearing a hijab. Mahsa, of Kurdish origin, fell into a coma after being taken into custody, and died a few hours later. The news of Mahsa Amini’s death spread like fire throughout Iran, after which women opened a front against the hijab.

What is the demand of the protesters?
After the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini in the Islamic country of Iran, women have started protesting openly. Breaking all the shackles of restrictions, women have come out on the streets and openly expressing their opposition to the hijab. Not only this, this protest is being fiercely fueled on social media as well. This demonstration of Iranian women is also getting support from people around the world. The protesting women are demanding that they should be given freedom whether to wear hijab or not. His life is in danger because of the necessity of hijab. That is why it should be abolished.

Where is the demonstration taking place in Iran?
These demonstrations are most fierce in Kurdistan, the western region of Iran. There is also an allegation of firing on the protesters who took to the streets against the hijab, in which 5 people have died. At the same time, more than 80 people are said to be injured during the demonstration. In addition to all the cities of Kurdistan, demonstrations are also being seen in the capital Tehran. Despite all the restrictions imposed on the media in Iran, the fire of this demonstration is spreading all over the world, the biggest reason for which is believed to be social media.

Now after understanding the whole matter of Iran, we tell you in which countries of the world there was a ruckus regarding the hijab and after that what decisions have been taken there.

Hijab controversy in France
France is such a country in the world where the issue of hijab has always been in discussion. A law was passed here in 2004, under which any kind of religious dress was banned in schools. When this law was brought, there was a lot of opposition in France. However, this law did not apply to the University of France and other places. After this, in 2010, when Nicolas Sarkozy was the President of France, a law was brought in which the face cannot be kept covered in public places. There was a provision of fine for doing so.

After this decision, France became the first European country where the hijab was publicly banned. However, there have been constant protests and controversies in France regarding this law. This issue of hijab heats up in every election in France. Let us tell you that there is about 55 lakh Muslim population in France. These include those who are against the ban on wearing the hijab. The debate started again in France about this when the corona epidemic came in 2020 and wearing of masks was made mandatory. Then many Muslim activists raised the issue of hijab.

Hijab a big issue in French presidential election
French President Emmanuel Macron has been accused by his opposition parties of taking a soft stance on Islamic fundamentalism. A few months ago, when the presidential elections were being held in France, the right-wing candidate Marine Le Pen, who was in the fray against Macron, attacked him fiercely for this. Le Pen promised that if she came out victorious, the hijab would be strictly banned and Muslims who did so would be fined. Although Macron has also made many controversial statements about Islam, for which all Islamic countries have criticized him.

Hijab boycott in Turkey
Turkey is a country where there has been opposition to religious dress for a long time. For many decades, campaigns are being run here regarding burqa and hijab. Kamal Pasha, who is called the father of Modern Turkey, had done the work of spreading awareness about religious dress. He started a big movement against Hijab. It is amazing of Kamal Pasha that today most of the women in Turkey are living their life freely and they have the freedom to wear clothes of their own choice.

Erdogan’s different stance on the hijab
While Kamal Pasha had freed the country from the hijab and all religious attire while dreaming of a modern Turkey, the current President of Turkey, Rajab Tayyip Erdogan, has a different stand on the hijab. Erdogan abolished the law regarding the hijab in 2014. After which Erdogan is being accused of pushing Turkey once again towards Islamization. However, only a small number of women in Turkey wear hijab or burqa.

Controversy over hijab in Denmark
Hijab has been banned in the European country of Denmark since 2018. There is a provision of fine for those who cover the face here. Under the law here, if someone violates it for the second time, then 10 times more fine will be charged. However, there was no ban on the head scarf. Restrictions were imposed on covering the face only. At the same time, a proposal has been brought by the government, in which it has been said to ban the hijab completely. Controversy has started in Denmark regarding this. Many women wearing scarves on their heads have come out in protest. According to Aljazeera’s report, many schoolgirls in Denmark also wear scarves, now if this law is implemented, they will not be able to do so.

Debate started in India too
There is a debate about Hijab in India too. This controversy, which arose from some colleges of Karnataka, has now spread across the country. Controversy started in Karnataka over wearing hijab in schools and colleges. The matter went to the High Court, but the Muslim girl students got a setback from here. The High Court made it clear that the hijab is not a mandatory religious tradition in Islam. That is, the High Court gave its verdict in favor of the decision of the Government of Karnataka. After this, the matter is now going on in the Supreme Court. After the controversy, many organizations are demanding to ban the hijab. On the issue of Iran also, a large section of India is seen standing in support of women.

What does international law say?
Religious freedom is mentioned in Article 18 of the International Convention on Civil and Political Rights (UCCPR). According to the United Nations, it includes not only freedom of other things in the form of religion and belief, but can also include customs such as specific clothing or head coverings. Any restriction on freedom of religion under Article 18 of the ICCPR must be non-discriminatory.

Hijab is banned in these countries
New names are constantly being added to the list of countries that have banned the hijab. Switzerland, one of the world’s biggest tourist destinations, had banned the hijab last year. Here both burqa and hijab are banned. Along with this, there is also a provision of heavy fine for violating it. Apart from this, Belgium, China, Sri Lanka, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Sweden and Republic of Congo are the countries where hijab is completely banned. Apart from these, there are many countries where hijab cannot be worn in government schools and educational institutions.

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