Israel Newspaper Haaretz Says Mossad Used Pegasus Spyware To Hack Cellphones Unofficially Ann



Pegasus Spyware Latest News: The Israeli newspaper has created a sensation by making a big claim in the Pegasus software case. The newspaper report claimed that the intelligence agency Mossad had penetration in NSO, the company that made Pegasus spy software. In a report published quoting a former NSO employee, the Israeli newspaper Haretz has claimed that Mossad officials sometimes used to come to the NSO headquarters with foreign officials as well.

According to this news report, published without revealing the identity of the former employee, Mossad officials used to ask the NSO company several times to hack some phones. However, the report does not mention any such phone number or identity associated with it. Nor was it told by the former NSO employee why Israel’s intelligence agency used to ask NSO to hack some phones.

The newspaper report also claimed that Mossad officials were also present in the initial meetings of the NSO to discuss the purchase of Pegasus due to the close relationship between Mossad and NSO.

Recently, the Finnish government claimed that the mobile devices of Finnish diplomats working abroad have been hacked through some complex spyware. The head of the country’s intelligence agency said that a country’s government organization is responsible for this. Finland’s foreign ministry said that diplomats’ mobiles were hacked with the help of Pegasus software developed by the Israeli company NSO Group.

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