Jodhpur Gaushala, Cow Dung Will Be Sent To Gulf Countries ANN



Jodhpur News: Cow dung is very useful for the crop. Scientists from all over the world including scientists doing research from three Muslim countries have also accepted this. Scientists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar believe that this produces a better quality of crop. This is the reason why many countries are showing interest in ordering indigenous cow dung from India.

On the demand of Muslim countries, cow dung will be sent from major gaushalas of Rajasthan to all countries. This work is being started from Kuwait. On Wednesday, the first consignment of 192 tonnes of cow dung will leave for Mumbai from Kanakpura railway station in Jaipur and then the dung will be sent from there to Kuwait. The cow dung in Kuwait will be sent from Pinjrapole Gaushala in Jaipur.

Scientists did research on indigenous cow dung

Scientists doing research in the field of agriculture of Kuwait have done research on indigenous cow dung. Using cow dung in the form of powder in date palm crop is good. The cow dung of Pinjrapol Gaushala is being sent to Kuwait through Jaipur-based company Sunrise Agriland and Development Research Limited.

Drive dung is being sold for 30 to 50 rupees a kg.

Company director Atul Gupta told that we are working on organic farming. Along with this, the demand for declaring Rajasthan as an organic state is also going on continuously. There are more than 3000 gaushalas in Rajasthan where one crore cows live. The cost of cow dung is not even 50 paise a kg, but the way its trend has increased in the Gulf countries, then the Gopalak Department of the state government should also do a direct MoU. Drive dung going to Gulf countries is being sold for 30 to 50 rupees per kg. This is a very important revolution so that the economic condition of the farmers will also be strengthened.

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