Joshimath Temple Is Worshiped Only On Raksha Bandhan With Butter Comes From Every House Story Relate To Lord Narada And Mata Lakshmi Ann


UP News: There is such a temple in the Urgam valley of Joshimath block, where only one day in a year has special significance for the worship of God. It is believed that for the remaining 364 days of the year, Devarshi Narada worships God here. On the day of Rakshabandhan, Jakh ka Pashwa of Kalkoth village is worshiped here. The doors of this temple of Lord Vanshi Narayan are opened on one day in the first year only on Raksha Bandhan. But for the last few years, the tradition of opening the doors of the village Badrinath Dham has been started when the doors are opened.

The construction period of Vanshinarayan Temple, situated at an altitude of 13 thousand feet above sea level, is believed to be between the sixth to the eighth century. It is also said that this temple was built during the Pandava period. Lord Vishnu is worshiped in the Vanshinarayan temple, but only on the day of Rakshabandhan in a year. According to the tradition which has been going on for centuries, only on this day humans can have darshan and worship here. The doors of the temple remain closed for the rest of the year.

this is interesting story
There is also an interesting story of being given the right to worship only one day in the Vanshinarayan temple. It is said that once Lord Narayan had to take over the responsibility of gatekeeper in Hades on the request of King Bali. Then Mother Lakshmi, looking for him, reached the Vanshinarayan temple near Devarshi Narad and asked him the address of Lord Narayan. Narad narrated the entire story of Goddess Lakshmi becoming the gatekeeper in the Hades of God and also told the way to free her. Devarshi said that by tying a protective thread in the hands of King Bali, ask him to God.

But, due to not knowing the path of Hades, Mata Lakshmi had asked Narad to go along with him. Then Narada went to Hades with Mata Lakshmi and brought the Lord free. It is believed that this was the only day when Devarshi could not worship in the Vanshinarayan temple. On this day Jakh priest of Kalakoth village of Urgam valley worshiped Lord Vanshi Narayan. Since then this tradition has been going on continuously.

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Butter for God from every house
Laxman Singh Rawat tells that on the occasion of the opening of the doors of the Vanshinarayan temple, butter comes from every family of Kalkoth village for the enjoyment of Lord Narayan. Bhog of God is prepared from this butter.

Many rare species of flowers bloom in the flowerbed of Lord Vanshinarayan, which are plucked only on Shravan Purnima i.e. Rakshabandhan festival. Lord Narayan is adorned with these flowers. After this, devotees and local villagers tie a thread of protection to Lord Vanshinarayan.

Shiva’s vision along with Narayan in the idol
Reaching the Vanshinarayan Temple located in the high Himalayan region is no joke. After covering a distance of eight km from Helang to Urgam Ghati on Badrinath Highway by vehicle, the further 12 km route has to be covered on foot. It is visible in front by crossing the velvety meadows spread far and wide. The Vanshinarayan temple is built in the famous hill style Katyuri. The ten feet high temple houses a quadrangular stone idol of Lord Vishnu. The special thing is that both Lord Narayan and Lord Shiva are seen in this idol.

Thakurs are the priests of God
Raghubir Singh Negi is of the tradition that the priests of the Vanshinarayan temple belong to the Thakur caste. The present priest is Darban Singh of Kalgoth village. Bhandara was arranged by the villagers at Banshi Narayan Temple on Friday. People have sought vows by offering special worship to God.

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