K Asif Offered This Much Of Money To Nushad For Mughal E Azam But Know What He Said



K. Asif Birth Anniversary: Today the best director of Indian cinema K. Asif (K.Asif) has 100th birth anniversary. Of. Asif is known for the historical film Mughal-e-Azam. Asif made only 2 films in his career. In the era when films were made for 5 to 10 lakh rupees, in that period he had invested 1.5 crores in this film. This film is said to be the passion of K.Asif. There are many interesting anecdotes related to this film and K. Asif like K. Asif wanted memorable music for Mughle Azam, for which once he went to Naushad and handed over a suitcase full of notes to Naushad for the best music. But Naushad did not like this thing at all and threw that suitcase of K Asif outside the window and said – Asif ji does not come from memorable music notes. Now K.Asif had realized his mistake, then he apologized to Naushad and Naushad agreed.

The music was made, but whose voice should be put in it so that it becomes the best, then what was it that Naushad, after hearing about the voice, suggested the name of Bade Ghulam Ali Sahab. But Bade Ghulam Ali did not sing in films, so he demanded 25000 rupees from K.Asif, this was a way of Bade Ghulam Ali’s refusal.

But where was K.Asif going to believe? He handed over the check of 10 thousand to Ghulam at the same time and said Ghulam Sahib, you are priceless. Now Bade Ghulam Ali had no choice but to say no, so he said yes.

Similarly, one day the shooting of Mughal-e-Azam was being done in the desert in which Prithviraj Kapoor was filming a scene of walking on hot sand. But during this time his feet got blisters from the hot sand and K. Asif came to know about this. Then what was it after that when that scene was reshooted, then Prithviraj would walk on the sand in front of the camera and K.Asif on the back camera. In this way his dedication was understood by all.

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