Kiss Day 2022 When Is Kiss Day Significance Meaning Of Different Kinds Of Kisses



Happy Kiss Day 2022 Wishes: Tomorrow is the sixth day of Valentine’s Week. The sixth day is Kiss Day, which is the most romantic day of the week. Every year 13 February is celebrated as Love Birds Kiss Day. On this day, couples express their love by kissing each other. This day is very special to make you feel love. It is said that the first touch of a partner, the first kiss always becomes a memory. In such a situation, to make this day more special, first send a romantic message to the partner and then you can make yourself feel close even by staying away from virtual kisses.

Nowadays there are many stickers on social media like Whatsapp, Facebook etc., which can be searched or downloaded and sent to the partner according to your choice. And make you feel close to you. Send this love filled kiss day romantic messages, wishes and quotes with you too.

Kiss Day Wishes, Messages In Hindi

1. There is also a story of my love

There’s also a treasure trove of love

That’s why I want to ask you for a kiss

And today there is an excuse to ask…

Happy Kiss Day

2. Just wants to love you now
I want to get lost in your memories

You have put the fire of such love, Sanam

That now he wants to keep kissing you all the time.

Happy Kiss Day

3. You neither say anything nor we will say anything

You also keep quiet, we will also be silent

We will fill each other in our arms

Then do a long, cool kiss.

Happy Kiss Day

4. There is a big bakery in the breath

many nights in the eyes

If you ever take heart

never mind again

Happy Kiss Day

5. Heart only wants you now

It gets lost in your memories

The fire of love has started like this

heart wants to kiss your lips

Happy Kiss Day

6. When I saw their lips, one thing arose in my mind,
How intoxicating will those words be who pass through them…

7. By kissing your hands, I touched you with my eyes today..
who could not read the verses,
Have felt their flames.

Happy Kiss Day

8. The eyes that once wanted him with great desire,
Today she wants to kiss him.. that river impatiently,
Now she wants to break the dam of patience.

9. When I saw their lips, then one thing arose in my mind,
How intoxicating will those words be who pass through them…

10. We are the servants of a boss,
And if we ask, we are guilty

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