Lalan Singh Targeted RCP In Gestures, Said- CM Nitish Party Leader, Only His Words Are Necessary Ann | Lalan Singh targeted RCP in gestures, said



Patna: JDU National President Lalan Singh interacted with journalists on Saturday amid the ongoing controversy over the demand for special status. During this, he once again targeted Union Minister RCP Singh without naming him. He said, “We do not go to one person. It may be his opinion, but the opinion of the party is clear. The opinion of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is very clear. What is demanded is very clear.”

Party leader Nitish Kumar

At the same time, on the question of confusion in the party, he said that now there is no confusion. The leader of the party is Nitish Kumar. The party officials will not know what he will say. If someone says something, if we say something, then it has little meaning. The Chief Minister has placed this demand and the state government has written a letter. This has been done keeping in view the whole situation. This is a clear stand of the party.

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Prime minister Narendra Modi On the question of (Narendra Modi) praising Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, he said that there is no dispute between the two parties. This controversy has been created. All of us and our party are in the National Democratic Alliance. The Prime Minister of the country is Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of Bihar is Nitish Kumar. The central government is working, the Bihar government is working and if we are making any demand from the Prime Minister of the country, then it should not be considered a dispute.

Demanding your right from the Prime Minister

He said that the status of a special state is the right of Bihar and if we do not ask for the rights of Bihar, then we are not doing justice to Bihar. We are doing politics in Bihar, we are running the government in Bihar and if we do not demand the rights of Bihar, then it is wrong. This demand is from anyone else, this demand is from the Prime Minister of the country and it is our right. Every citizen of the country has the right to talk to his Prime Minister about his interests.

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