Little Bump Or Pimple Happen In Ear And Behind Ear


Pimple Behind Ear: The lower part of the ear is very sensitive to bacterial infection. Because one, most people do not clean this part of the body even while taking a bath. The second reason is that sweating and sebum stays in this area for a long time and the third reason is that the dandruff falling from the head keeps accumulating here, which causes irritation and itching.

Whenever you scratch this part of the ear very fast and do not clean or do not apply any astringent, in such a situation, bacteria get ground to grow here and the pimple comes out. Sometimes this pimple is small and sometimes it appears as a solid lump. Which hurts a lot and ripens slowly, in which later it gets pus and then it splits. This is a very painful condition because you cannot even clean the pimple that has grown on this part of the ear by yourself.

Why is there a pimple behind the ear?

If the pimple that has grown behind the ear is not due to lack of hygiene, but you do not even know the reason for its growth, then it is a good thing. Because in such a situation, the pimple comes out behind the ear, when the body wants to detox itself. When the amount of toxins in the body increases too much, the body detoxifies itself and also performs the action of blood purification.

There are such glands in certain parts of the body, through which the body detoxifies itself. One such gland is on the back side of the ear. In such a situation, swelling or pimples at this place is a sign that the body is cleaning itself and taking out the dirt accumulated in the blood.

Pimple inside ear?

Pimple inside the ear simply means that there is bacterial growth in the ear. This can happen due to many reasons. Such as, having dandruff in the head for a long time, moisture in the ear, problem in the throat, long-standing cold problem, etc.

You can treat the pimple behind the ear through home remedies but do not make the mistake of teasing the pimple inside the ear. You should visit the doctor directly and take only the medicines prescribed by him.

Disclaimer: The methods, methods and claims mentioned in this article are to be taken only as suggestions, ABP News does not confirm them. Before following any such treatment/medication/diet, please consult a doctor.

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