Madhya Pradesh Corona Cases Are Continuously Decreasing In Indore City ANN


Corona News: Corona (CoronaIn the city of Indore, which is called hot sport, now the cases of corona are declining. Instructions were being issued continuously by the Health Department and the administration to avoid the outbreak of this disease. Following this, the number of corona infected in the city is continuously decreasing. According to the Health Department, 49 new cases were found in the city on Thursday and 121 people were declared free from corona infection. Even after this, there are still 486 active cases of corona in the city.

Corona patients reduced in Indore

In fact, the number of victims infected with the corona epidemic is decreasing day by day in Indore city. During the panchayat and urban body elections held in the state, the number of corona infected was increasing continuously. But the officials and the administration are working day and night to make the residents of the city follow the rules made during the Corona period by being present on the ground. The result of the hard work of these officers is that now there is a decrease in corona patients in the city.

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How many patients returned home after recovering,

According to Friday’s medical bulletin issued by the Health Department, the figure of corona infected is not worrying. Because before Wednesday, where the number of corona infected had crossed hundreds, on Thursday, the number of corona patients has reduced a lot. On one hand, while 49 new cases were found, on the other hand 121 patients suffering from corona were declared free from infection. At the same time, no patient has died due to this disease. Although there are still 486 active cases of corona in the city.

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