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MP News: Adira Porwal, who lives in Indore, has made her name in the International Book of Records at the age of just four. The naughty but sharp-minded girl has recorded this unique record by reading five 15 digit numbers from the Indian and international digit systems.

what a record
It is said that the test of our intentions is yet to come, it is now measured, only a handful of land is still left in the whole sky. These lines written by the poet have been proved right. Adira Porwal, who lives in Gapur Extension, Indore, is just four years old. But he has achieved such a feat which even the eldest of age cannot do. But this little girl has done it. It has been awarded the International Book of Records.

what did amazing
Adira has got this record for reading 15 digit numbers. Which no one has read till now at such a young age. Adira has already proved her iron at the age of four. She currently studies in KG. Adira’s specialty is that it understands where billions are trillions. So there she also knows numbers like conch shell and padam, which we do not even know. To make a record by Adira, it was shown by easily reading five numbers of 15 digits. At the same time, after making this record of Adira, Adira can now easily read and recite numbers up to 19 digits instead of 15. The same Adira tells in her naughty style that she will grow up to become a doctor and sometimes she also expresses her desire to become a pilot.

What did Adira say?
At the same time, about this achievement of Adira, her mother Payal Porwal told that Adira is still in kg. His teacher is Niharika Joshi. He is also very naughty and playful since childhood. At first Adira used to read the number up to crores in the beginning, then gradually it went ahead. Adira’s teacher Niharika Joshi taught her magic maths. Now Adira gives Indian and international digit readings as well as their place value. Along with English digit, it is also easily read according to the Indian system of conch and padam. We had to make a video for this record. But when she was told that if she studies, Modi ji will give her medals from their hands. Since then Adira studies diligently and also starts making videos. After which the video was submitted for record. Then somewhere in the International Book of Records, at the age of just four years and 15 days, Adira could get success in getting this record title.

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