Massive Street Fight With Sticks, Rods In Delhi. They Are Relatives



Police broke up the brawl and hastened the injured to hospital.

New Delhi:

A dispute between relatives over property spilled onto a Delhi street yesterday with two groups hitting each other brutally with sticks as people in the area watched in shock.

Police have identified the accused from videos of the clash that went viral and one of them has been arrested.

Police said they hastened a team to North-east Delhi’s Usmanpur area after receiving a call about the fight in broad daylight. Police broke up the brawl and hastened the injured to hospital.

In one of the videos, two men are seen hitting a man who is on the ground. One of the attackers has a broken crutch and the other a piece of wood. As the two men rain blows, an elderly woman, who appears to be related to the man being assaulted, appeals to them to stop.

As the man writhes in pain, another fight breaks out between two others, and then another.

People watch from the pavements and their balconies in shock as the relatives continue to attack each other.

Preliminary investigation has revealed that the fight broke out between Shyamvir and Jagat and their children.

“The investigation has revealed that both parties have old property disputes and have registered cases against each other in the past. Today, Jagat and others attacked Shyamveer and his relatives,” a police statement said.

Police said that the accused would display boards claiming that they were advocates and that they had links with the BJP.

“The matter will be taken up with the BJP functionaries and bar council,” police said.



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