Motivational Quotes In Hindi Lakshmi Ji Blessings Know Safalta Ki Kunji



Safalta Ki Kunji, Motivational Thoughts in Hindi: The key to success says that in Kali Yuga, money has been considered a major instrument. Daily life can be made simple and easy with money. That’s why the person wants to get money. In the scriptures, Lakshmi ji is considered the goddess of wealth. When the grace of Lakshmi ji is received, then the person gets immense wealth in life. But it is not so easy to get the blessings of Lakshmi ji. If you want the blessings of Lakshmi ji, then do not do this work even by forgetting-

  • Don’t be selfish The key to success says that Lakshmi does not like selfish people. Those who are ready to harm others for their selfishness. They are eager to deceive their master. Lakshmi ji leaves such people and goes away.
  • Do not use money to harm others The key to success says that those who use money to harm others. Lakshmi ji does not provide her blessings to such people. When money comes, it should be used properly. Money should be used for public welfare works. The poor and needy people should be helped.
  • Don’t cheat for profit According to the key to success, those who are ready to deceive anyone for little gain, they never get the blessings of Lakshmi ji. Lakshmi ji does not like such people at all. Rather, such people have to suffer when the time comes.

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